More About Our Service

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Here at Loans Ready Online, we are a broker and comparison site. Our aim is to help you search the market and find a short-term loan that works for you.

Our service is free, and any quote(s) we provide you are strictly confidential and you’re under absolutely no obligation to accept them. You may be just investigating the possibility of a loan and we appreciate that.

Why go through us and not a lender directly?

That’s a good question, by going through us you’ll know which loans are sensible and which are not. And this is tailored to you. We’ll also tell you if we think there isn’t any product on the market suitable for you. It doesn’t happen often, but it can be the case. A rejection from us means you then know not to approach any lenders directly, as using our service has no reflection on your credit file. This is not the case if a lender gives you a formal rejection. That is recorded for years.

We’ll also compare the market, combing through many loans and lenders so you don’t have to. Why apply 10 times when you can apply once and get 10 replies? That’s what we offer, and we do it for free. Of course, if you do choose to accept one of the quotes we arrange, the lender will pay us a small commission. But the good news is it comes out of their pocket and not yours.

Choosing the right loan for you

Once your application is filled out in full, and we’ve compared the market for you, we’ll then present you with a list of loans (and their respective providers) for you to examine at your leisure. Some may be similar to each other, while some may be very different. At this stage it’s just a quote, an understanding of what you may be able to apply for if you decide you want to.

Once you’ve examined each of the loan quotes, we’ve provided for you, you’re then welcome to formally apply for one you like the look of. To do this simply click on the one you want and follow the on-screen prompts.

You’ll then be re-directed to that lender’s website, but all the details of your application will carry over, saving you the hassle of typing it all in again. However, the lender may want you to confirm certain details or elaborate on others. This is normal and nothing to worry about, every lender is different and has their own way of working.

While you’re likely to be successful in your application (providing all the information you provided us was accurate), it’s the lender themselves who either approve or reject the application. It’s unlikely that you’ll be rejected however unless something unforeseen comes to light during this stage of the application. Once the lender has examined your application properly, hopefully you’ll then be notified by them of its approval.

This is usually confirmed by email or on the application page itself. Following your loans approval, the funds can be in your account later that day or during the next business day, depending on when you applied and whom with.


Your repayment terms may be one of the things that encouraged you to select that lender, they may have offered a generous interest rate or allowed you extra time to pay the loan back.

Every loan’s repayment terms are different and depend on you, the product and the lender. Some small amounts may just need paying back on your next scheduled payday. But others, particularly larger sums, may require multiple pay days to be fully paid back. This is normal, despite the term payday loan, many loan products and their providers are happy to let customer tailor their repayment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be?

Yes, you will need to be over the age of 18 to be considered.

Do I need to be a US citizen?

Yes with a full US passport.

What if I am rejected?

If this happens then it means we’ve been unable to find a loan for you. It may be due to your circumstances or it may be because the product you’re looking for isn’t available. If it’s the latter, then it may be worthwhile amending your expectations slightly. It’s also worth making sure all the details you provided are 100% accurate.

How much interest will I pay?

It’s hard to say because the interest depends on the product and the lender offering it. It also depends on the arrangement, i.e. how long the loan will last. However, the lenders we work with typically offer a representative APR to give customers an idea of what the interest could be.

Is it true that payday loans have a high APR?

Some payday loans do have a higher rate of interest than traditional loans. This is mainly due to them being offered to those who have a poor credit history, lenders are happy to help but they still need to make sure they cover any risk. A payday loan is also a shorter service than a normal loan, the higher rate of interest is essentially part of the fee paid in exchange for convenience. However not all payday loans have a higher rate of interest. Every company is monitored and regulated by the State and subject to the same fair-trading laws as any other financial company.